My new album Taking Sides is available now on all streaming platforms and downloadable on Bandcamp! Thanks for listening!

Taking Sides

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Colorado musician/philanthropist Jace Allen shares his long-anticipated debut album, Taking Sides, out everywhere now. The LP is a dynamic, multi-genre blend of rock, funk, soul, country and pop that focuses on multiple perspectives of conflict and resolution. Over ten tracks, Allen turns back to music as he deeply reflects on various struggles that occur both internally and externally, allowing his body of work to be a source of connection, understanding and healing. In addition to the album release, Allen shares track and video, "Hail Federate," with all proceeds benefiting families impacted by the war in Ukraine via Please consider donating. 


released July 21, 2022 

Written, recorded and performed by Jace Allen 
Collaborative writers: Payge Turner, David Cremin, Lee Moretti 

Featured on "Underwater" and "Battleborn" 
Payge Turner - Vocals 
David Immerman - Guitar 
JUNO - Guitar 
Bass - Divinity ROXX 
Keys - Akie Bermiss 
Drums - Brad Hargreaves 

Featured on "The Devil Won That Night" 
Forrest Raup - Drums 
Blair Simpson - Keys 
David Cremin - Guitar 

Featured on "Hail Federate" 
David Cremin - Guitar 

Underwater and Battleborn recorded at Lucy's Meat Market 
Mixed by Travis Ference, 
Produced by Jace Allen, Lee Moretti (Underwater, Battleborn) 
Music Video by Stephen Albanese - 

Special thanks to Harbinger Entertainment for their management, promotion, and support. 

Finally - to my family, and my wife Jenn who inspired every positive lyric on this album.  I love you all dearly. 

© 2020 Jason A. Mendelson. All rights reserved.